Can I bring glass bottles / containers ?

Unfortunately glass bottles and containers are not allowed at the Wischfest! Although we trust you to be considerate, accidents happen to everyone and you can't completely pick up shards of glass in the grass. The area will be used to feed cows after the festival and any glass left lying around can harm them!

Where can I dispose of my rubbish?

For waste disposal, we provide garbage bins and garbage bags at various points. You can get garbage bags at the entrance; please leave your campsite as tidy as you found it; If the instructions of the security staff are not followed, we reserve the right to issue expulsions if necessary. The area will be used to feed cows after the festival and any rubbish that is left lying around can harm the cows!

Where can I pick up my pre-ordered tickets?

Tickets that were ordered in advance and for which "pick-up at the entrance" was selected can be picked up directly at the entrance to the festival site upon arrival. Our helping hands will provide you with tickets and Festival wristbands. Please have an identification document (ID, passport, etc.) with the name of the person who ordered the tickets with you. (Mickey Mouse Detective ID cards are not valid)

Can I make an open fire?

We do understand the desire for a cozy fire to end the day but unfortunately we can not allow for open fires to be lit neither on the festival nor on the campsite.

Can I use a grill?

Barbecuing is only permitted at the designated barbecue area near the stage area where we have a water supply in case of emergencies.

What kind of the sanitary facilities are there?

The usual porta potties are available. No shower unfortunatly. At the barbecue area there will be a water supply for the hard-core people to shower off (warning: cold!). Alternatively, the Baltic Sea is only 5 minutes away by car, so pack your swimming trunks!

Where can I go and where not?

You are only allowed to move within the festival area (campsite and stage area); the adjacent paddocks, neighboring properties and the adjacent yard are taboo!

Where can I get my Festival-wristband?

All visitors must show their ticket at the entrance to the camp area upon arrival. Depending on your preference and the number of people waiting, you can get the wristband as soon as arrive or stop by later at the entrance after setting up your tents and pick up your wristband.

Can I bring drinks onto the stage area?

Drinks you bring with you are not allowed on the stage area, but don't worry, we'll keep the drink prices moderate and "Schädel" will also be available at the bar!

How long can I party?

In principle as long as you want; however, we must of course adhere to the noise protection regulations, which our stewards will see to. So please do not turn your music up louder than conversation volume on the camp site after 10PM.

Where can I park/camp?

For our day guests there is a day parking lot near the entrance, people who have bought a weekend ticket are allowed to park on the camp grounds. For fire safety reasons tents have to be set up with a minimum distance of 3 meters to cars and/or other tents! For people with physical disabilities we will provide separate parking spaces near the stage area. Please let our staff at the entrence know if you'd like to use them.

Can I enter the stage area without a wristband?

People who do not yet have a wristband are not allowed to enter the stage area. As our security staff at the stage area has no way of checking whether the tickets are valid, we have to restrict admission to those wearing wristbands. You can get your wristband at the entrence of the festival area.

Who are the strange people with the safety vests?

The strange people with the safety vests are our staff members. Their word is law, and if you don't follow their instructions, we'll get angry! No really; please listen to them! Also if you may have any questions and/or concerns, don't hesitate to talk to one of them; they will do their best to helf you.

How do I get to the beach?

Just drive here, 5 minutes by car, 45 minutes on foot:

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Are generators allowed?

Generators are only permitted if they are quiet enough not to disturb other guests and neighbouring residents.