A hand with three Wischfest wristbands on the wrist holds an index box filled with Wischfest tickets.
In the background the paddock, trees and blue sky.

07/14/2024 15:01

The pre-sale ends soon!

Until Tuesday, July 16th. at 11:59 p.m. you can still take advantage of the cheap pre-sale!

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Three cards for Drinks, Food an Breakfast.
The prices:
Beer - 3€
Non alcoholic Bier - 2€
Schädel - 4€
Mixed Drinks - 4€
Softdrinks (Cola, Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Orange juice) - 2€
Shots - 1€
Water - 1€

Fries - 3,50€
Krakauer and breadroll - 4€
Gemüsebuletten and breadroll - 4€
Linsencurry with breadroll - 3,50€
Mayo, vegan Mayo, Ketchup, Mustard 

Half bread roll - 1€
Salami, cheese, vegan cheese mit cucumber und tomato 
Caffee - 2€
Mit Milk or 

Cornetto - 2€
Flutschfinger - 1,50€

07/12/2024 15:00

Hungry? Thirsty? No problem!

Here is our food, drink and breakfast offer with prices for you!

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A photo of a glass skull with a tap in its mouth in front of some Wischfest 2024 posters.
The skull is about 30cm high.
Inside you can see various small change and a few banknotes.

07/9/2024 16:03

Support the Underground with donations

"Save the Clock Tower, the Clock Tower must be saved!"
They all just want money 💰
And you can also donate for our Wischfest!
Not only at the festival.

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The farm dog Balu, a big black dog, runs past the camera across the grass. Behind him is the stage, guests are watching a band play.

07/6/2024 15:32

What ist allowed? What isn't?

Here are the most important rules at the Wischfest.
If you are missing any information send us an e-mail at info[at]wischfest.com or a message at Facebook or Instagram

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Running order with stage times of the band for the Wischfest 2024.

07/5/2024 16:35

Here comes the timetable!

Here you can find the running order and all game times!
Be sure to take advantage of the pre-sale because it ends on July 16th!

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Bandphoto of Old Stone. Three guys stand diagonally behind each other in the dark and look into the camera. You can see them chest up. The image is black and white.
In the upper left corner you can see their band logo. The lettering "Old Stone" calligraphed in capital letters.

07/4/2024 15:10

Band announcement Old Stone

Old Stone complete our line up this year!

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Band photo from the band Manta.
Three guys with long hair and sunglasses and jeans.
The two on the left and right are wearing shirts. The one in the middle is wearing a band shirt with his cowl on top.
The one on the left holds his drumsticks crosswise. In the middle he plays his bass and on the right he plays his guitar.
Bushes in the background.
The whole photo has a strong red cast.
In the right corner is the band logo.
The lettering "Manta" in black and white in form of a manta.

07/1/2024 15:55

Band announcement Manta

The brandnew band Manta will play their second gig ever at Wischfest!

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06/22/2024 12:12

Warm Up Party at Thursday

Warm Up Party: Draft beer and canned music!
Last year we had to order more beer after Thursday 🍻

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06/19/2024 15:00

Breakfast? More like breakfastival!

This year we have a breakfast offer for you!
You can look forward to:

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06/17/2024 15:01

Brief overview

Here is a brief overview so that you already know which times are important for you!

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The Wischfest 5 poster (a human skull surrounded by violetish flames and smoke. In it's mouth sits a tap from which flows dark red liquid).
At the bottom half of the Flyer are the band logos of 12 bands (Black Hawk, Sintage, Messerschmitt, Extinct, Pectora, Watar, Erasement, Chronic Thirst, Servants to the Tide, Mass Rift, Styropor, Bad Age).
Plus a "and more"

05/11/2024 15:34


This is our first wave of bands!
12 bands have been chosen and have made it onto our beautiful flyers.

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Band photo of Extinct in black and white.
Four men stand one behind the other, offset to the right. You can see them from the shoulders up. The last one stretches his fist towards the camera.
In the bottem right corner you can see their band Logo (the bandname in white, angular letters with black edging and shadows so it looks like 3D).

05/8/2024 15:05

Band announcement Extinct

If you're in the metal scene in Northern Germany, you can't miss them.
To keep it that way, Extinct are coming to us this year!

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Tickets for the Wischfest are all over the photo. In the center of it is a ticket with a golden edge.
The design of the ticket is a human skull surrounded by flames and smoke. In its mouth sits a tap from which flows dark red liquid.
At the top it reads "Wischfest".
Across the liquid is the date and location.
In the bottem left corner is a light box for the ticketnumber.
The design is mostly violet.

05/6/2024 15:22

Giveaway among all pre-orders

We're giving away a golden ticket among all pre-orders! ✨

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Band photo with Logo of Mass Rift.
Five men in a laundromat.
Two people squat in front of the large washing machines, one leans against them, one stands in front of them and one sits on one of the machines.
At the top left you can see the band logo. “Mass Rift” in black, bold, slightly squiggly letters.

05/4/2024 15:00

Band announcement Mass Rift

Are you interested in rock? Then come see Mass Rift on stage at the Wischfest!

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There are three men in the back, a woman and a man in the front.
Everyone wears band shirts and black leather jackets.
Above their heads is the band logo (the bandname in silver letters, the V exchanged with a trident).

05/1/2024 15:05

Band announcement Servants to the Tide

The flood washes them through the Rhine, the Elbe, and into the Baltic Sea.
And then Servants to the Tide get stranded at the Wischfest!

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Three men, dressed in black, stand in front of a light brick wall. Two candlesticks stand on a ledge, you can see a chandelier above.
Everyone has beer bottles in their hands and is visibly upset that they are empty.
Above them the bandlogo.
The band name in a symmetrical, pointy design. The letters are black with a white border

04/27/2024 15:04

Band announcement Chronic Thirst

Drink, drink, drink until you drop.
Do that with Chronic Thirst and while they play at the Wischfest!

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A dark pick up truck stands on paved floor.
Three men are leaning against it's loading space, two of them with beer cans in their hands.
Two other men are squatting at the loading space, one of them holding their bandlogo made of metal in his hand.
In the background are electricity pylons.
In the upper left corner is their bandlogo in black with transparent background.

04/24/2024 15:05

Band announcement Sintage

Want to bite through beer cans? You can do it together with Sintage at the Wischfest!

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Black and white bandphoto of Bad Age.
Three guys standing in front of a bare wall. Lighted by a cellar lamp the middle one is holding in his hand, facing it.
In the lower right corner is the band logo of Bad Age.

04/20/2024 15:01

Band announcement BAD AGE

Last year BAD AGE were on stage at the spontaneous jam session.
This year you can enjoy their full set!

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04/17/2024 17:26

The ticketshop has opened!

From now on you can get your tickets for the Wischfest 2024 in Schuby, Dörphof!
On July 19th and 20th we will provide sound in the paddock!

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Four men with long hair behind a construction fence, they're clearly furoius. In the background a tall mountain of sand and rocks.
Over the photo is they're bandlogo with transparent background.
"Messerschmitt" in big, pointy, white letters.

04/17/2024 15:01

Band announcement Messerschmitt

Bring your anger to the Wischfest; with Messerschmitt it gets fast and aggressive, you can let it all out!

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Black and white bandphoto of Pectora.
5 guys completely dressed in black with leather jackets and studs are standing in a bbigg hall. In the background is a drum set and two light boxes.
Over their legs is their bandlogo with transparent background.

04/13/2024 15:10

Band announcement Pectora

Pectora will step onto the Wischfest stage as our first international guests!

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Bandphoto of Watar in their rehearsal room in action.
Two men playing guitar, one man at the drums and one woman playing bass.
In the middle in the bottom half is the Watar logo.

04/10/2024 15:07

Band announcement WATAR

WATAR will step on the stage at the Wischfest 2024, nice!

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Three guys with long hair sit on a couch in the living room.
One raises his beer can over his head. One is holding his in his hand. One is drinking out of his. The bandlogo lettering “Styropor” is above the picture.

04/6/2024 14:10


Of course Stÿropor will be there for you again this year!

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Four men dressed mostly in black with leather jackets and studs standing in front of a graffiti wall. Over the bottom half of the photo is their band logo (black hawk written in black old english letters with red edging. Between the words is a black hawk with spread wings.

04/3/2024 14:30

Band announcement BLACK HAWK

BLACK HAWK will be at the Wischfest!

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Erasement band photo plus band logo.

03/30/2024 16:02

Band announcement Erasement

We are thrilled to announce Erasement as our first band for the Wischfest 2024!

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The Wischfest 5 poster (a human skull surrounded by violetish flames and smoke. In it's moutch sits a tap from which flows dark red liquid).
14 yellow sticky tapes are across the bottom half of the poster, that hide the band names.

03/29/2024 16:00

The band announcements begin!

Tomorrow we start with the first band announcement!
From now on you can look forward to a new band every Saturday and every Wednesday for the next few weeks.

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The artwork is a hand drawn and later digitalised human skull. The mouth is wide open and out of it sticks a tap. Out of it flows a red/dark red/violetish liquid. Out of the eyeholes and the mouth are coming grey and violet clouds. The skull is underlayed with violet flames. On the top it says "Wischfest 5". And on the bottom stands the date "19.-20. July" and the place "Dörphof, Schleswig-Holstein". The font is also violet/blueish.

03/29/2024 13:13

Everything's new in March

Welcome, dear mops!

Marvel at our new website, our new design by Victor Hartenfels aka Nova and (very soon) our new ticket shop.
Also, of course, our new line-up, which will be announced gradually from now on!

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